Wedding Welcome Gifts: The 7 Step Guide

1. Personalized Note & Itinerary 

The most important part of the note is the itinerary. And while we know your wedding website was a labor of love, you've probably already received enough e-mails and text messages to tell you that nobody bookmarks a wedding website (sorry) ... so this will be the absolute best way to tell people where they need to be and when! Start off with a brief, “we're so excited to celebrate this weekend with you” and dive right into the schedule.

All three of our templates have a brief note and itinerary included, and our 3-part fan is perfect if you want to include some of your favorite spots for guests to check out locally.

Welcome Notes - The Giftwell  

2. Water

After 7+ hours of drinking, eating, drinking, dancing, and drinking, there's no better feeling than getting back to your room to find 2 glorious, shimmering bottles of H2O to chug in an attempt to jumpstart the recovery process before morning time. Since you've just thrown the party of the year, gifting your guests with waters also helps them avoid that fateful $10 minibar charge when they get back and just.need.water.

TGW Tip: Remember to include 2 waters if you're doing 1 gift per room.

Water Options - The Giftwell


3. Essentials Kit

In life, there are certain items that 100% of people are excited to find when they reach into their purse or pocket - spare cash is one of them and Advil, Tums, mints, or gum are the others. You'd think most people travel with these essentials - but you'd be wrong. Whether you've had a long drive, spent hours on a plane, or simply over-served yourself at the reception, including this kit will come to the rescue at some point.


4. A local treat

There are few things more satisfying than sharing a newly discovered gem with friends. Whether it's a restaurant, Netflix show, or tasty treat, it's as if you can relive your own first time vicariously through each person you tell - but with way more street cred.

This is the perfect chance to share some of your favorite, local snacks with your out of town guests. 

Don't have a local go-to but still want to delight them with a new treat? No problem, we've spent months curating our very own NY local favorites for you to choose from! Don't see what you're looking for? Simply send us a note and we'll get it for you.


5. Something salty 

Pick some of your favorites to share or rely on our trusty crowd pleasers - after all, you can never go wrong with popcorn…

And before you start Googling the best snacks out there, rest easy knowing our taste team has already done it. We're like Olympians of snacking over here - trust us.

TGW TIP: Include 2 items from our chips & crisps section 




6. Something sweet

An easy way to decide what sweets to include is to each pick your own personal favorites.

Don't love sweets and need some guidance? Our favorites are Sour Patch Watermelons (much like popcorn, you rarely meet someone who doesn't love these) and Albanese Gummy Bears—because for those that haven't tried these 12-flavor, gluten free delights, prepare yourself to fall in love (and eat the entire bag). They are equally exciting to eat (what's THIS flavor?!) as they are delicious.



7. Bars

It's hard to imagine a world without a million bars staring at you every time you enter a grocery store. What use to be in those aisles?!

Nevertheless, bars are perfect (and important) for many reasons: they are considered a healthier snack than chips, they are great to eat on the go, and they are more appealing to those with allergies - not to mention they are a bit more substantial as a snack. For what it's worth, these three pairings are some of the fan faves.





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