Concierge Service

Just when you thought we already made wedding welcome gifts as easy as they could be, meet The Giftwell Concierge—perfect for couples looking for a more tailored approach.


Step #1: The Request

The Giftwell Concierge is our tailored, full-service solution, so we ask for a bit of upfront information to determine it's the right fit for you. This quick survey simply covers things like wedding location, date, and budget. Our team will get back to you within 48 hours regarding next steps!

Step #2: The Creative Fee

After review, we follow up with your personalized timeline, and creative fee. This fee covers our initial three custom curated gift ideas and jumpstarts the welcome gift process. Note: final gift contents & delivery fee are separate.

Step #3: The Questionnaire 

The fun part! Our questionnaire helps us get to know you and your soon-to-be wife/husband, and serves as the inspiration for our creative process. We may also request to schedule a phone call with follow up questions.

Step #4: The Proposal 

Receive a detailed proposal of three custom gift ideas, including imagery, descriptions, and pricing. We’ll then work with you to gather feedback, mix and match product options, and finalize the perfect gift for you. Finally, we handle all assembly and delivery directly to your hotel room blocks.


It's Not Goodbye. It's See you later!

We're taking a pause on wedding welcome gifts so we can fully focus on custom group gifting via our sister, Poof Gifts (formerly The Giftwell Neighborhood).

It's Not Goodbye. It's See you later!

Looking to send custom gifts to your employees, new customers, or conference attendees? Want to treat your baby shower guests or with a curated box of treats...either way, get in touch!

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