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At The Giftwell, we believe it’s the tiny details that make up incredible experiences. It’s people, places, and things that when shared with one another, create the long lasting memories in life. And no detail is too small.

Every idea starts with a problem. We saw a clear one: when it comes to weddings, a thoughtful gesture for your guests should be easy. So why is it that wedding welcome gifts, the joyous packages that set the tone for the weekend’s celebrations, are consistently a struggle?

As we got further into it, we realized it’s quite simple—it’s a logistical nightmare. Packaging, custom labels, 5 forms of perishable food, 2 forms of beverages, a printed welcome note, assembly, and delivery to multiple hotels.

The Giftwell is here to bring a modern solution to a manual challenge. By developing partnerships directly with brands, building a seamless eCommerce experience for consumers, enabling cost tracking, and using technology to power the logistics, we’re able to offer a single checkout experience for your wedding welcome gifts in under 30 minutes.

This should be the fun part where the only stress is deciding between Sour Patch Watermelons or Sour Patch Kids.


Meet Annie
Our Founder, Annie, spent the better part of a decade leading Experiential Marketing teams at Harper's Bazaar & Vox Media before becoming a wedding planner. It didn’t take long to realize that despite her love of event planning, technology simply hadn’t made its way into the industry and many elements that make up an event were more cumbersome than necessary. After months talking to brides and wedding planners, she saw a unique opportunity to meaningfully improve part of the planning processand immediately took action in founding The Giftwell.

It's Not Goodbye. It's See you later!

We're taking a pause on wedding welcome gifts so we can fully focus on custom group gifting via our sister, Poof Gifts (formerly The Giftwell Neighborhood).

It's Not Goodbye. It's See you later!

Looking to send custom gifts to your employees, new customers, or conference attendees? Want to treat your baby shower guests or with a curated box of treats...either way, get in touch!

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